Eighteen years ago, a small kitchenette was established in 29 Rizal Avenue Bay, Laguna. Its target clients were the students at the nearby schools and employees of the municipal hall. The small place was renovated after 2 years and added space to accommodate more customers. Because of the growing demand it was again renovated for a bigger space and better service. And it expanded to accepting catering services for all occasions, birthdays, baptism, seminar and workshop, conferences, convention, weddings etc. It started catering from a group of 25, to hundreds, and the rest is history.


We are happy to tell that most of our clients were referred to by our satisfied customers. We are so blessed to have worked with the different departments and offices in the University including the Office of the Chancellor, we have clients from IRRI, other colleges, Hospitals, & companies outside Laguna . We have been entrusted in serving dignitaries like the President of the Philippines, senators, congressmen, mayors, and high ranking officials like Prime ministers, ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries.


At present we are operating with our main restaurant in Bay and as concessionaire to College of Veterinary Medicine canteen, IRRI Main Cafeteria while we continue serving other clients  with our catering services. We also have built Patio Jovenal, a bigger venue, which can accommodate up to 150 persons  Where we serve variety of dining experience and create a different ambiance at the convenience of our  clients and offer our service at its best .


With the help and guidance of our God Almighty, with the support of the family, with the efficiency of the staff and service crew, with the trust  and compliments of our satisfied customers, with the openness to learn new things, it is with great desire and passion that the services offered by Berris Cuisine will continue to satisfy and meet the needs of our dear customers.

With Grateful hearts we serve you…


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